Listed below are a few of the letters and emails we receive regularly from individuals we have helped. Some were coached on just one or two occasions to get the result they were seeking whilst others have used us on a more regular basis to set bigger goals, or fulfil long term personal or business aspirations.

Everybody needs help at some point in their life, for any number of reasons, and working with a ACT life coach can bring quick positive lasting change.


"Hi Geoff, Just a note to say a huge thank you for today’s session. I can really feel some very notable differences, and I got even more out of it than I expected. Feeling much better, all the best”.

“Working with Geoff today has helped me clarify my dream and take action towards a goal that I had been stalling for 3 months-what a great result. Thank you”.
NA - (This next client had just one session)

“I was surprised at the effectiveness of certain aspects, particularly visualising and organisation of my goals”.

“I am so pleased to tell you I have now lost over four stone in weight and on track to lose more, coaching has really helped me forge ahead with my goals”.
R Stratford - (This client was coached by phone over a few months)

“Geoff, thank you for your assistance to date... I have been able to make more confident decisions, seen an improvement in the business, and look forward to growing my business further with your coaching guidance”.
JG, Kent – (We have worked with this company for over three years, and continue to)

“I am delighted that talking to a coach was suggested to me, to help with a specific goal. I have found it a great resource to move forward, and not only reach my original goal, but a whole host of others too. Geoff has a highly professional and friendly approach, and I cannot recommend him highly enough”.

“Geoff's corporate experience coupled with his professional style, provided me with the push I needed. He was quickly able to recognise my strengths, challenge my limiting beliefs and guide me to a place to achieve my business goals. I would recommend Geoff to my work colleagues, and think every Human Resources Dept should have a Geoff Hart”.
CC Surrey

“Geoff Hart has done a fantastic job in helping restore my work -life balance. With his unique style of coaching he worked on my confidence and self-belief to achieve both business and personal goals.
"I recommend Geoff to anyone looking to either enhance their business skills or to boost personal development, and perform at a higher level”.
Paul, Kent

“I have worked with Geoff and would recommend him as a coach. He has helped me with the challenge of keeping life in balance, to enjoy life's journey and live up to my potential”.
JG, Bristol


If you knew you couldn’t fail, what changes might you make in your Life, or what Life changing goal would you set yourself?

The answer you give may well uncover a hidden fear, or a limiting belief that’s holding you back: Once overcome could liberate you, move you forward, and set you on a new exciting fulfilling journey.

Why wait, join these clients and many thousands of others NOW who found that working with a Life coach assisted them in moving more quickly to their real goals and ambitions than working on their own, and could for you too!

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