Everybody needs help sometimes and life coaching support can be a really effective way forward for so many of Life's challenges. If you resonate with any of the questions below, using a coach may well help you move forward.


You may be familiar with Sports Coaches and the role they play in developing individuals and teams to "raise" their game and achieve great results, even Gold Medals. Life or personal performance coaching, as it is sometimes called, uses many of the same core principles, utilising strengths, personal values and building on them.



Everyone, without exception, has a vast potential for success and happiness, a potential that is all too often unexplored. Coaching can awaken you to the amazing possibilities that you possess and show you how to use them for your own benefit, and for your family too!


Absolutely not, a coach has a belief that everyone has answers within themselves and is a catalyst that helps you find, and bring to the surface a way forward that unconsciously may have been holding you back.

Life coaching can help to de-clutter your thinking and bring more harmony and colour back into your life. In addition we are fully qualified Neuro-linguistic practitioners and hypnotherapists, skilled in addressing any limiting beliefs you may hold, or unwanted or self-defeating behaviours you would like to change.

So, in essence, coaching is about helping you achieve whatever you want in life, your dreams and ambitions. Coaching is about results, results for the Now and the Future. Enjoy the journey.

At ACT 4 LIFE we offer:

Coaching sessions last 45 to 50 minutes, with hypnotherapy a little longer, but at ACT we are always totally prepared before every call or visit to ensure every client gets the best possible results from each session.

Life Coaching can be carried out over the phone or face to face from our office in Maidstone. You just call at a pre arranged time. Hypnotherapy is always conducted on a face to face basis.

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy or hypnosis, is a form of deep relaxation, which leaves you feeling refreshed, at ease and ready to make positive and lasting changes, for your own benefit and the benefit of others.

In simple terms, hypnosis is an altered state of awareness. It is perfectly natural for you to enter several different states of awareness each and every day. For example, you could be walking to a friend's house, consciously fully aware of what you are doing and then the following moment, your mind drifts off to pleasant daydreams and the next thing you know, you've arrived at your destination without even thinking about it!

In the above example, it is your subconscoius mind that takes care of the walking, allowing your conscious mind the freedom to drift and float where it likes. It is this subconscious level of awareness that hypnotherapy takes place in.

At the start of your session and before any therapy is given, we spend time with you explaining things fully and asking questions that will help identify a successful way forward for you. We believe that the most effective hypnotherapy session is one that is tailor made for you, the client. Each and every session is designed around you, to suit your individual needs and help you achive your goals.

Hypnotherapy is an incredibly effective and powerful therapy for positive change. Areas include:

We've mentioned NLP, what is it?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming, is a totally safe and holistic process, which came about by research undertaken by Richard Bandler a mathematics student, and John Grinder, a professor of linguistics in the 1970's. In essence, they developed a series of identifiable processes or techniques that have enabled others to be exceptional, and ones that can be taught to you and I. Then they began to apply the techniques modelled in a number of different fields such as communication, business and sport, and through their diligence they developed a sort of human excellence software for the brain, and NLP was born.

As a result of utilising this human excellence software, now practised around the World, we can experience more peak performance in our lives, form better relationships, achieve goals, utilise self-motivation and enjoy a more positive outlook, as well as banishing phobias quickly and effectively. We like to carry out NLP techniques on a face to face basis.


We are happy to answer any questions you may have, if you're unsure as to whether to set up a Life coaching session, or attend a Life coaching workshop.


Many people find that by having a small object to carry around in their pocket or somewhere near, can refocus away from problems and act as a subtle reminder of all the good that's happening in their life. All the things they're grateful for.

Just by taking a moment to look at and hold the crystal, you can instantly move to a better place emotionally, and that's why we produce our own handmade crystals, which can be purchased for 3.00 or $5.00 including handling.

It can work equally well with a special pebble you have found or something else. However If you would like to order a unique handmade glass fused "crystal" just send a stamped addressed envelope (SAE) to the address below with your cheque and we will happily forward one.

16 Lancet Lane
ME15 9RX


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Move yourself forward and bring positive life changes within 60 minutes.

Our thoughts impact on every aspect of our life, from feelings and emotions, to our behaviour. By recoding our thinking, limiting beliefs can be banished and relationships improved. Gain confidence, communicate effectively, overcome life's obstacles and relax better.

Pursue your dreams and ambitions, discover hidden motivation, set new empowering goals, utilise visualisation and harness The law of attraction.

Easy to read and written in an encouraging coaching style, The Thought Coach is full of strategies, exercises and totally holistic NLP techniques to assist better quality thinking and more peak performance in your life.

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THE SECRET by Rhonda Byrne

This brilliant little book is also available as a DVD and CD. It unveils The Secret to Money, Relationships, Health as well as helpful visualisation techniques, as it introduces you to The Law of Attraction. The DVD includes many respected authors and coaches including Jack Canfield (Chicken soup for the soul author: with over 100 million copies in print) Bob Proctor, Dr Denis Waitley and Dr Joe Vitale, as well as a whole host of others.

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GET THE LIFE YOU WANT by Richard Bandler

This book by the co-creator of NLP is full of stories and techniques developed by Richard Bandler over the past 35 years that will help bring about positive lasting changes to your life. I personally liked the idea of the CD at the back of the book, which I have listened to a number of times, and always find useful and interesting. Richard says "Most people I've found in life spend far too much time worrying about their problems, and not enough time getting to have fun". This book will help to put that right.

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This book by Britain's most successful self -improvement author. Paul McKenna is the worlds leading hypnotist, and Instant Confidence is just one of many he has written surrounding Life issues. He offers some great strategies for building your confidence giving you the power to go for anything you want. This book also has a really useful mind -programming CD included.

You may also find Audio CD's produced by Glenn Harrold interesting and helpful. As the U. K's best-selling self-help audio author Glenn Harrold work as a clinically trained and highly qualified therapist covers a range of topics. If you find listening preferable to reading, his Audio CD's are also available on Amazon.

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If You have read a book that's been a great help, motivated or inspired you, and you would like us to review for possible inclusion on our additional resource list.

Please e mail us at: info@act4life.co.uk

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