Coaching in the workplace achieves real and measurable benefits for both the individual and the company. Forward-thinking managers and executives recognise that employees who attend coaching skills programmes are invariably able to make a greater contribution to the workplace.

Coaching is effective across the board, from improving the performance of a team to managing a change programme. It is unlike therapy or counselling in that it is forward-looking and focuses on enhancing existing abilities and talents.

Our programs include:

An article in the Daily Telegraph suggested 39% of FTSE 100 CEOs have used a professional coach.

In essence, at ACT we help people change their lives and their businesses for the better. We work with you on your agenda and build on your strengths.



"Numerous studies have demonstrated that training alone could increase productivity by 22 per cent, but when training was combined with coaching, the productivity increase was a massive 88 percent” says the IPN (International Personnel Management Association).

Have you sat through a training programme and been motivated to bring about change in the workplace but then, once back in the busy environment, done little or even nothing with the new knowledge? Sound familiar? You are not alone!

At ACT the training element is built on the foundation of coaching and enhanced with Neuro-Linguistic Programming. This has a totally different and long term impact on the results as well as on the lives of the individuals or team being coached.

We are also able to assist with accelerated learning through modelling individuals and behaviours.

If you run a one man business or have just one individual Executive that you believe would benefit from coaching do please give us a call. We are here to help.

In addition to other fully qualified coaching associates, personally selected by us, we also work alongside a number of Business consultants and training company (Douglas James Training).

All of whom share our passion for excelling in their specialist fields., and for producing positive and lasting results, results that can be seen, measured and quantified.


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This workbook is full of techniques and strategies aimed at improving the quality of our thinking, and fast!

The book shows how to reprogramme our brain software, removing old or obsolete thought patterns with more helpful positive strategies. Creative visualisation, goal setting exercises, and the harnessing of NLP can set the reader on a journey to achieve remarkable and outstanding results, and peak performance.

Improve relationships, overcome limiting beliefs, and gain more confidence with business and personal decisions.

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THE ONE MINUTE MANAGER by Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson

From the One minute series, this million copy best seller is a must for every manager and executive.

With some real gems to increase profitability, manage individuals and teams effectively by catching people doing things right... A small book, which punches way above its weight.

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This book has a step by step guide for everyone in sales. From setting goals, and why people buy.

To getting more appointments and making more sales fast. Brian Tracy has a really enthusiastic message that not only inspires, but motivates to new levels.

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In this international best-seller Dr Covey sets out s step by step framework for living and working; His approach encompasses the four dimensional parts of human nature our Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit. A poignant question he poses in his teaching is how many on their deathbeds wished they had spent more time in the office or watching TV?

The answer is no one. They think about their loved ones, their families and those they have served. Join over 15 Million others who have already purchased this highly regarded book

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NLP WORKBOOK by Joseph O'Connor

A really well laid out and comprehensive insight to Neuro-Linguistic programming.

A practical guide to achieving the results you want, with well defined strategies and action plans.

This workbook explains what NLP is, the principles of NLP, and has a guide of what techniques to use and when. If you would like to understand more about NLP or you're just plain curious or intrigued, this book is a must.

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